It's the city of Angels. It's the city of celebrities. It's the city of icons.

Following route 66 for days is amazing. Traveling West was traditionally for the brave and desperate. It was grueling, painful, exhausting. When you finally reached the West, if you were lucky, your journey was just beginning. California is the modern home for dreams, but those that made it this way had to fight and toil and wonder at all times, 'Can I do this?'

Most people didn't have the tenacity, the perseverance, the sheer luck. Most people made the journey only to find more toil, more struggle, more pain. But there were some who survived. There were some who thrived. Those people give us the wonder of Los Angeles. Those people made LA the place for dreamers. Those people have become our icons.

Today, if we want to chance it, we can make our way to the city of Angels. We can test our own perseverance. We can become Icons.

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