It's a bit of a daze, a haze a mystical traveling experience to ride on a bus in a foreign city. Every building is the same as the last, each street is named the same as the next. Nothing is discernible. But that becomes a part of the beauty of the experience. Turn after turn carries you to your destination. Today it's brunch. It was a late morning, you got on the tram at 8:30 for the hour long ride to Plow. 

On either side of this brunch haven is another brunch shop, and another and another. San Francisco does not disappoint. And down the street, around the corner is one of the famed coffee shops just begging for you stop in to try an espresso or cortado or nitro.

You arrive at Plow a bit later than you expected but the waits only 45 minutes to an hour, so you made good time. Yes, the day before you tried to eat at Plow but there was a 2 and a half hour wait. Today you count yourself lucky. Looking down the CS of your Carlos Santos 'Emanuelle' chukkas glint off the midday sun. You smile and walk over to grab some caffeine before you partake of your grand brunch ritual.

You've been warned about certain streets. When you see the exposed syringes on the ground, turn around. It's like the snake pattern warnings of your childhood. Strangely you come across one of these streets after you visit the SF MOMA. It's after Google Maps takes you on a wild goose chase to find your bus. A bus that doesn't really exist. Damn you Google! I trusted you! So you run, scurry really to move on away from this syringed street. You scurry right into the famed San Francisco cable car and again, you count yourself lucky. 

You're the last one squeezed onto the car. There are no seats, only bars to hold onto as you lean out into the open street. The wind in your hair, the honks and beeps of cars passing by, the bumping into of the passengers trying to hold on next to you. It's all a glorious experience to understand for a moment what San Franciscans experienced a hundred years ago. 

It was a perfect day to be wearing the Carlos Santos goodyear welted classics.

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where: San Francisco
season: Summer 2016
sponsor: Carlos Santos Shoes

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