Venice is like Disneyland built on the bones of an ancient city. I have never seen anything quite like this wonderful city but I cannot help to think that 100 years ago it might have been more magical.

Everything on Venice caters to tourists.

The food was average.

The gelato was average.

There was no local culture.

What I did find is the best espresso I have had in Italy so far, Caffe del Doge.

And even with the obvious culture of tourism the city itself still breathes magic. It breathes wonder. Venice exudes beauty.

Her bones are still of an ancient city. The history of Venice can be felt every time you cross a bridge, every time you see a gondola, every time you squeeze through the narrow alleys.

I would highly recommend a visit to Venice. If not for the culture, for the beauty it brings to your soul.

Ruth and I stayed one night in Venice. Truthfully it was on the nearby island of Lido which turned out to be a great choice. The Hotel Rigel served a fantastic brunch of espresso, charcuterie, yogurt, fruit, croissants and cheese. After brunch we walked just a few minutes to the beach which faces the open Adriatic and the expanse and wonder of open water met us with a smile and a breeze to refresh us.

Here's a Quick Review

where: Venice and Lido
season: Summer 2016
lodging:, Hotel Rigel
coffeeCaffe del Doge

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