Geller crushed it dope colors and unique neckwear, and of course you have to applaud Robert for his featuring the great Adonis Bosso (illustrated below).

The inaugural NYFWM was a hit. Well, at least as far as I am concerned. This was my first fashion week ever. I have little to compare it against so for me this was a new, magical experience.

Robert Geller helped to kick off the week with a strong push of color and design.

Sneaking back stage to see the models, meeting Adonis Bosso and sketching live were moments that I will cherish for a long while.

And none of the experience would have been the same without Tumblr. When Valentine invited me up to New York for Men's Fashion Week my adrenaline began rushing and dopamine flooded me with joy.

Throughout the shows and presentations Val made sure that we had good sight angles and continually checked in on our progress and our sanity. The week was packed and it was difficult to get painting time in.

The partnership with CFDA increased the value astronomically. With the sharing of digital content going cross platform not only did I have more sight on what was happening, more people were able to see the work I was creating.