I spent my weekend reverse engineering Hudson Shoes. Don't talk to me about the copious amounts of coffee or how I neglected my wife. The weight of my life is heavy enough.

It was my obsession, my addiction to understand how they make the shoe. The Hudson Shoe Chukkas.

Then I came upon it, the ingredients, the secret sauce, the Hudson Shoe magic.

Hudson Shoes painting by Sunflowerman

The secret is in the packaging. You can see it here. I found it!

Hudson Shoes Chukkas  painting

What I found was the Osbourne Drum Dye Tan Boot. Hidden in the packaging, from between the patterns it emerged. I would tell you how to do it yourself, but I cannot remember. The lack of sleep, the caffeinated stupor, the beautiful shoes, they distracted me.

Hudson Shoes painting
Hudson Shoes painting in hand

The only solace I can give is where to find them for yourself. East Dane has a wonderful selection. If that doesn't do you right then check out Hudsonshoes.com with express delivery for the holidays.

Hudson Shoes Chukkas
Hudson Shoes

If you made it through my babble then I offer you this. A chance to own the Hudson Shoes painting for yourself. I am asking $200. Shoot me an email at sunflowermatt@gmail.com.