Two of my favorite things in menswear, Brunello Cucinelli and Panerai.

I haven't paired these two in the past but I can't help myself now that I'm in Italy. After spending the month of September in Milan and now arriving in Rome I've finally pulled together the first Italian look.

With this look we've really switched the traditional roles of each of these articles. The watch is playing top-gun while the suit is not quite hiding, but playing the role of the support and the accessory.

Brunello Cucinelli- A legendary Italian cashmere brand that finds its home in cozy little Solomeo, Italy.

Panerai- A cult Italian watch brand that's famed for it's military inspired design and that classic Luminor.

Juxtaposing the delicate luxury suiting of Brunello Cucinelli and the bold faced luxury of Officine Panerai was a wonderful adventure. On one hand you carry the implementation of Stoic, Italian philosophy and in the other you wield an engine of iconic, Italian utility. 

I won't dive into their histories here but you can check out these links for Brunello Cucinelli and Officine Panerai.

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