Nick Graham makes shirts and ties.

It's a simple model that's shown off with website photos that have a magazine gloss.

Nick Graham Shirt

Nick Graham sent me some shirts and ties to try out. You can see how I styled them throughout these illustrations.

If you are looking for form fitting shirts that hug your arms and chest then this is not necessarily the shirt for you. It's great for summer gallivanting and casual dressing.

I like them unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled up, or with a light summer jacket over top. Beyond everything else I love the patterns on the Nick Graham shirts. From navy blue shirts with white polka dots to the dog stamped ties (not illustrated here).


If you're needing a new shirt for the summer or the fall try out Nick Graham. For 25% off on all website purchases just type in the code, Sunflowerman through the end of July, 2015.

Nick Graham fashion illustration
Nick Graham menswear painting

If you're looking for a new shirt this summer or fall check out

Use the code: Sunflowerman at checkout for 25% off on all purchases! This code is active until the end of July, 2015.