Sunflowerman sitting at the Luciano Barbera booth during Pitti Uomo with two live paintings

This was my first ever Pitti Uomo.

The sun beating overhead, beads of sweat falling all around and the most stylish men you will ever see. Pitti 92 was an elevating experience, spent meeting new friends like old friends, smiles everywhere, shutter clicks at each step and painting live in booth with Luciano Barbera.

For two full days I performed live at the booth, chatting with clients and passers by as the paintings took form. 

In lieu of canvas we selected fabrics from the Luciano Barbera collection to craft the works of art. Linen and swimwear pattern played role of canvas. I love the message here. It's a bit subtle and definitely meta.

The fabrics of the collection are the fabrics on which I painted the illustrations of the collection.

The designs for the paintings were chosen by the Luciano Barbera community. Before the show we called out on instagram for people to choose from a selection of outfits to be painted. One of those people won a painting from the show.

Sitting at the Luciano Barbera booth, preparing to make the live Pitti Uomo paintings
Sunflowerman painting live at Pitti 92 with Luciano Barbera
Sunflowerman Live Painting with Luciano Barbera
Close up of painting palette
Painting on Luciano Barbera swimwear fabric
Sunflowerman sitting with his Luciano Barbera paintings on easels

To promote our collaboration I made this Luciano Barbera styled men's fashion illustration, which I absolutely adore! I've turned it into a commemorative print.

Fashion illustration of Luciano Barbera collection with a Duomo di Firenze background