John Pickens Mens Clothing, Autumn 2016 ad illustration

Red River gleaming, downtown raising it's mane and the highway cutting through, raised high and wide. I've only been through Shreveport, LA. I've never stopped in Shreveport.

She's one of the only cities between Atlanta and Dallas along highway 20. It's a drive I've made many times, sometimes in 12 hours, other times in 14. When driving from Atlanta, Shreveport is a welcome sight, a beacon marking the last leg of the journey to Dallas.

I met John Pickens at PROJECT. He introduced himself as I painted live on the showroom floor. Not long after we worked on our first project.

our first fashion illustration project together can be seen here, from 2015.

John runs his eponymous clothier out of Shreveport, Louisiana- John Pickens Clothier. What's great about 2016 is that even though I am half way around the world we can still work together on an Ad for Fall/Winter 2016.

Though I've never stopped in Shreveport I now feel a connection to the city. My heart tugs every time I imagine coming up on the city, 70 mph and nearly asleep from exhaustion but knowing that I would be home soon.

Slide through the sketchbook pages above. It's a glimpse into the process for creating the final illustration.

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