Well dressed man in an Italian style with a coffered illustration as backdrop as he walks down spiral stairs

I've grown quite fond of the Italian sensibility of dressing and producing. In no way have I fully adopted the aesthetic. Instead I have adapted it to my own sensibilities. 

A set of menswear illustrations being laid out on a table with a hand still in frame
Grey clouds covered the sky. Blue was beginning to show through the transparent spaces. A beam of sunlight, then another and almost all at once the clouds rushed away. 
Roman days are a violent shake up between sunlight and cloud cover. It's a schizophrenic weather system that ruins any trust in meteorology. What she lacks in consistent weather this ancient seat of the Roman Empire provides in abundance in history and architecture and art.

Several weeks back I presented my first All Italian Look. Today I bring the second in that series, sharing some of the Italian brands which I have grown to love.

If you think you might love them too then click the links and you can purchase online. If you use my affiliate links below it helps me to keep illustrating menswear.

Portrait of a man's head wearing a borsalino hat and persol eyewear with a coffered painting as background

•Blue rabbit felt hat
•Spinetto Marengo, Italy

Illustrated man wearing a Boglioli sweater and fedora with coffered painting as background

•Contemporary Italian sweater
•Gambara, Italy

Man standing with hands resting his weight against a railing, wearing a Luciano Barbera checked blazer and fedora with a coffered painting as background

•Men's luxury jacket, 100% made-in-Italy
•Headquartered in New York

Profile illustration of a man with jacket slung over his shoulders held in two fingers, wearing a Panerai with coffered painting as background

•Swiss Made watch, cult following
•Founded in Florence, Italy. 1860

Illustrated man standing with hands behind his back, wearing zanella trousers with coffered painting as background

•Men's trousers, 100% made-in-Italy
•Headquartered in New York

Illustrated legs with trousers wearing Santoni boots and a coffered painting as background

•Hand-made, Wilson Buckle Boots
•Milan, Italy

Two hands holding a menswear illustration over a table where more paintings are laying.

The coffered sun doesn't revel in any true Italian mythology. It's a symbolism I developed for this series. There are many coffered ceilings in Rome, an architectural design which was used to lighten the weight placed on supporting structures. 

The clouds often play the role of ceiling over the city. The sun plays the foil. It's an alternating game between sun and cloud. It's game I found intriguing and frustrating and yet it couldn't lessen the beauty that is found everywhere in Rome.

Compilation of paintings featuring an Italian style outfit for men