painting of a man wearing Italian clothing, on a table with watercolor paint and coffee mug

I've been in Italy longer than 2 months now. I've been obsessing over Italian brands, Italian coffee and all of the rich Italian history.

Today I bring you an all Italian Look from some amazing Italian clothing companies, mixing a bit of the Sunflowerman style with a sprezzatura flair.

painting of a Borsalino, Italian fedora with a mosaic background

•Brown felt hat, crafted in a 7 week process
•Spinetto Marengo, Italy

painting of a Brunello Cucinelli tee shirt, with a mosaic background

•Blue tee shirt, 100% made-in-Italy
•Solomeo, Italy

Painting of brown Zanella pants, with a mosaic background

•Checked pants, 100% made-in-Italy
•Headquartered in New York

painting of Anderson's woven belt, with a mosaic background

•Blue woven belt by family owned manufacture
•Parma, Italy

painting of Persol eyewear, with a mosaic background

•Italian eyewear for the artist in you
•Milan, Italy

painting of grey-blue Santoni Loafers, with a mosaic background

•Hand-made, blue suede loafers
•Milan, Italy

The Sunflowerman sketchbook is filling up with Italian Style ideas. With all of the reference material from the many wonderful sites here in Italy some great menswear illustration is coming your way.

I sometimes wonder about my role as an illustrator. What contribution can I make that's different and unique. 

With the this Italian Style series I can put together some fascinating looks that highlight exactly who I'm in love with at any given moment while creating some dope figurative and objective illustrations in the process.

Menswear illustration paintings of the Italian Style laid out on a table with hands in the photo

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