Seth Travis

1. What first interested you in menswear?

Seth- I have always been a fan of the movies. Truth be told I have a bit of an obsession with Superman, so I think growing up seeing Christopher Reeve portray Clark Kent at the Daily Planet in his iconic Suit & Tie combos created that connection to menswear for me.

I also see dressing well as a way to express confidence and personality. Suits are an obvious way to express style but I also think a guy can really show what his "Style-DNA" is made of with how he sports a more casual look. Can he look effortless, or easy going, and does his personality still show through? I love a great suit and tie look but the usual day-to-day for me starts with a great pair of denim and some unique sneakers.

2. What does your morning routine look like?  

Seth- I am usually headed to the gym to workout around 7AM, so I start my day with a cup of coffee and a banana so I don't pass out on my trainer, Jose. Then I proceed to get my butt kicked for an hour, have a smoothie for breakfast, then its off to work at a Tech Start-up in Miami, FL.

I don't spend a ton of time grooming. I have a pretty easy going look but I take care of my skin with moisturizers like Kiehl's products and I love American Crew; Fiber for my hair, its not greasy which is important in the hot and humid climate here. I typically wear a very casual look 5 days a week, a t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of cool Nike's. As a Creative Director I have to be able to move comfortably and look good so my look is part sporty part minimalist, but I dress up for big events like Art Basel and a night out in Miami. 

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