Midwest quality in the heart of Texas.

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-2 for JW Hulme Bag.
-1 for Sebago Boat Shoes.

JW Hulme leather bag on the left side of wall with red brick behind, Sebago boat shoes on the right side of wall with white brick behind

The Continental Backpack by JW Hulme, exclusive for Allen Edmonds. It's good ol' Midwest work ethic and production quality in a basic bag to take everywhere.

Standing against a VW bus while holding the JW Hulme leather bag
Foraging through the urban jungle with JW Hulme leather bag on my back
Standing on a curved white wall, wearing Sebago boat shoes

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Standing against a green stone wall, smiling and wearing Longines Heritage 1951
Sitting on a white wall with only legs showing wearing Sebago docksiders and a JW Hulme leather bag sitting on the ground.

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Bag- Continental Backpack by JW Hulme
Shoes- Sebago Schooner boat shoes
Watch- Longines Heritage 1951
Shirt- ONS Clothing henley
Shorts- Cut-off 3x1 denim jeans