Guillaume Bo fashion illustration portrait

Guillaume Bo

Instagram: @gui_bo

Cafe Gilli sits on the Piazza della Repubblica, soaking in the sounds of children's laughter on the carousel, the exuberance of musical performers and the hum of the shifting crowds.

Tucked away in a nook I was struck by the elegance of Angelique Noir and Guillaume Bo. We were meeting for drinks, a favorite activity of mine. I, of course, had an espresso. I mean, this is Italy after all. Both Angelique and Guillaume took tea for the evening. Establishing even further the elegance of their pairing.

Surely there was a time where Guillaume and I had our digital wires cross, but I do not recall. This was our first meeting as actual humans. I had reached out to do an interview and portrait of Guillaume by email but he deferred to human conversation rather than a digital exchange. Thus I found myself sitting at Gilli, in conversation with two amazing people, shamed by my inability to match in elegance.

This, if you haven't yet noticed is a departure from the usual format- question and answer. I didn't ask any of the usual questions, even one of my favorites. You know, the one about dragons...

But I did learn a few things that I will share here. A few tidbits of insight into the man, Guillaume Bo.

1- Gui loves Coke. That's right, Coca Cola. Don't give him coffee, don't give him wine, give him a Coke.

2- In another life, years past, Gui was a DJ and producer.

3- Born in Montreal, Gui is French-Canadian and has lived in both Canada and France. And New York and San Fransisco and, well just ask where he hasn't lived.

4- Bring up a moment in history and you'll have a conversation with Guillaume. He is a man who loves to discover the breadth and depth of his favorite subjects (including Coca Cola).

Sketchbook in the studio open to fashion illustration of Guillaume Bo