Coffee on the beach of the Adriatic Sea. Makarska, Croatia

Coffee on the beach of the Adriatic Sea. Makarska, Croatia

Makarska, Croatia is a beautiful place. Here, it isn't so much the people or the events or the architecture. What is amazing about Makarska is the geography. The small patch of land where the city has sprung is tucked between the gorgeous clear waters of the Adriatic Sea and the magnificent jagged rock of the Biokovo Mountain. Sunsets shine off of the Sea and reflect back on the town off of the Mountain.

Cafe's are strategically placed all along the beach front with tables and chairs teasing the Sea to lap at their feet. At all times of the day there are people drinking and smoking and basking in the beauty of the Mediterranean climate.

This morning I ventured out to sit and stare at the sea. I walked the half mile from my apartment with my sketchbook to ready myself for the day. A brisk wind blew in off the Sea, mixing with the warming Spring air. Today I had the beach front to myself. It was me, the kavu and my setchbook. Small waves rhythmically crested and fell on the pebble laden shore. They fell and pulled back only a few feet from where I was sitting. Only a few feet from all of the chairs and tables lining the beach.

Thoughts of failure and joy were dancing in my mind. Failure. Not in a lack of trying or in apathy but as in trying something that might not work and realizing that you can't make it work- at least not yet.

Failure is beautiful. Failure is the catalyst for great things. Failure is the lesson that won't be forgot. Failure is the triumph of overcoming fear. Failure is a great victory in discovering talents and revealing flaws.

It may seem easy for me to talk about failure while sitting in such beauty. How do I get to exist in such a beautiful place and talk about failures? What is a failure when in front of me there is the sea and behind me there is the mountain?

I accepted failure before I ever saw the sea. I accepted failure before I ever stood in the shadow of the mountain. Failure is what led me here.