The new Kingsman Movie is out, The Golden Circle. I haven't seen the movie but I have been to the Mr Porter x Kingsman pop up on St James in Piccadilly, right next to the great Lock & Co hatters shop.

It's where I got to see the collection created by Kingsman's producer Matthew Vaughn in collaboration with Mr. Porter based on the costume design of Ms Arianne Phillips. They've partnered with the best in production including Drakes, Turnbull & Asser, George Cleverly and even Stetson.

Enter my latest illustration pulling inspiration directly from the Kingsman x Mr Porter collection and pulling loosely (very loosely) from the movie, The Golden Circle.

It is in fact fully shoppable via Rewardstyle. Click on a piece of the collection in the painting, you'll be taken to the item and you can purchase from where you're sitting or standing right now.

Print of Kingsman x Mr Porter collection illustration

Kingsman x Mr Porter Collection Print


Buy it plain, framed or on canvas.