Aesthetic Guide for the Dapper Man: Magazine


  • 64 pages of Menswear Illustration, featuring the best menswear brands from around the world as well as the best menswear influencers.


  • Limited run of 50 published Magazines. Be an exclusive owner of the 'Aesthetic Guide for the Dapper Man' Magazine.


  • Full color pages. All illustrations are in full color.


Features include


Plus So Much More...

Don't just look at the illustrations on your screen. Hold these specially crafted illustrations in your hands.

The Magazine is limited to an edition of 50. That means there will only be 50 Magazines available for purchase. Let me say that again.

There will only be 50Magazines available for purchase.

The magazines will be printed in runs of 10 and shipped out accordingly.

If you purchase by August 31 your book/magazine will ship by September 10.

If you purchase by September 31 your book/magazine will ship by October 10.

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