100 Watches Book

A curated selection of watch paintings and their stories from the 100 Watches Project in a 12x12 inch, hardcover, coffee-table gallery. Printed and distributed by Blurb Publishing and available on Amazon.com.

In addition to the coffee table book you can also purchase an interactive ebook through Brink Publishing on Amazon's kindle platform.

The ebook is in full color and flows like a digital gallery. With the command of a gesture the story of each watch appears.



43 Watch Brands

67 Participants

100+ Submissions


It began with a simple premise; paint 100 watches in 100 days. A simple call for submissions and the project was under way.

The 100 Watches Project began as an exploration of watches through painting and quickly grew into an anthropological exploration of people and their relationships to time-pieces.

Submissions began to elaborate on the relationships between the time-piece and owner. Stories of heirloom pieces from Grandparents and new collections beginning with gifts between newlyweds stood out.

The 100 Watches Book takes the paintings from the 100 Watches Project and collects them into an artistic expression of horology.

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My introduction to watches began with the 2 dimensional image. I entered the rich culture of horology with a brush and ink before I ever owned my first watch. Watch culture could be described by the movements, signatures and materials used to produce watches, but it can only be defined by the passion of its devotees. It was the passion of the watch enthusiasts that caught my attention. I began to hear their stories and realized that horology is more than a consumer culture, it is a relational culture.