I flew up to Michigan for the third time in 3 months last weekend. Not gonna lie, it costs a pretty penny to continue to do that. Anywho, my flight was on AirtTran Airways. For some reason I thought that they had free WiFi, but I should have known better. I popped out the puter and up came the sign that says, 'only $9.95 for all day!' Needless to say, but i'ma say it anyway, that is outrageous!

The good thing was that I got to sit next to a very nice lady. We had both ended up in first class for different reasons (for me it was all they had left, awwww yeah). Jeanne was traveling to another of the midwest states (whichever one it was is escaping me right now), to visit her wealthy cousins. It was nice to chat with her for the duration of the trip.

AirTran Airways is still a nice way to go though. The flight was deece, and it was the largest plane I had ever been on, so that was cool.

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