The Follow Fashion and Sunflowerman


The collaboration between The Follow Fashion and Sunflowerman began incidentally at the men's boutique H.Stockton in Atlanta, GA. They quickly found their points of mutual interest and came out with this weekly men's fashion illustration feature on TheFollowFashion.com. You can see your favorite fashion leaders, bloggers and trends illustrated each week through the creative lens of the Sunfloweman. 

The Fashion Portrait


The Fashion Portraits were the first dip in the Men's Fashion illustration realm for Sunflowerman. The 18x24" paintings featured real people and focused on aspects of men's fashion that fit each person's aesthetic. Musicians D.R.E.S. Tha Beatnik and Lushlife, Fashion giants Ken Tran and The Dapper Lou and Artist Shawn Chuni, Michael McLaughlin and Brandon Sadler were all featured in the Fashion Portrait series.

The Sketches


Here you can get a quick glimpse into the creative thinking of men's fashion illustrations. Sunflowerman pours pages of his sketchbook into a single look book to provide a more complete sense of the creative process.