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Sunflowerman creates content for Magazines, Brands, Boutiques and Personalities. Making new Menswear content with watercolor, animation, photography and videography. 

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From private commissions, doodles, writings, magazine illustrations and fashion personalities. Get a little insight into the Sunflowerman creative process by seeing over 100 raw sketches and 'splatter thoughts' that end up on the sketchbook pages.

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Sunflowerman illustration focuses exclusively on Menswear Fashion Illustration for Magazines, Boutiques, Brands and Personalities.

The Short of It

Providing a new perspective on story telling, quality and creativity by creating the most influential Menswear Illustrations in the world to elevate Menswear Fashion around the world.

About the Work

Sunflowerman Illustration is about the tangible relationship between humans and a created world.

An illustration is not simply the final outcome. 'The medium is the message.'

Clothing is tactile, it is a physical and emotional experience. The illustrations that represent that should come from the same place of physicality and emotion.

A beautiful image is a beautiful image. Photographs work because they relate a physical experience in a two dimensional space. Illustrations work because through interpretation they relate a physical experience and attach it to an emotion.

The appeal of a photograph is its facade of truth. An illustration does not pretend that it is a reality, it inspires the viewer to look beyond the image and see themselves.

Manipulating the world with color and line and value is brilliant in itself but the medium communicates beyond the image.

  • A watercolor painting is impressive and admirable with the weight of history behind it.
  • A painting on a book page is nostalgic and beautiful and filled with knowledge.
  • A painting on fabric is a direct correlation to the product with a new way to look at the world.

Of course in this modern day of LED lives these images must be interpreted digitally to reach an audience. An approach to communication that moves the audience from digital to physical is key in long term sustainability for a company and encourages continued engagement with a brand.

This is the goal of Sunflowerman. To engage with an audience where they are (mainly on a smart phone, tablet or laptop) and to shift their engagement to a physical interaction.

Shoes aren't worth anything unless they end up on someone's feet. A shirt needs a back to ride. Bracelets yearn for a wrist.

Sunflowerman Illustration engages with an audience's emotions to build brand engagement that shifts visual obsession into physical ownership.

About Me.

Moving to Atlanta, Georgia in 2010 opened me up to the world of men's fashion. Immediately I fell in love with the merger of art and Menswear.

I don't want to get carried away and suggest that Atlanta is a hub for fashion. Simply, Atlanta opened me up to the world of fashion. A door was ajar and it led me to the rest of the world. It led me to notice Milan, Firenze, London, Paris and New York

Slowly, page by page, screen by screen I began to see the light of menswear. I began take hold of the street style craze and to realize the possibilities of Illustration in men's fashion. Although my work did not initially begin with fashion, fashion was always there waiting for me.

For nearly 3 years I worked with the non-profitOne Love Generation supporting the Atlanta youth through cultivating creativity and teaching skills in art.

Teaching taught me the value that art and creativity have in influencing every day decision making and developing passionate interests.

After my studies in Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta in 2012 I immersed myself in understanding men’s fashion.

Taking on jobs illustrating style books to understand the structure of Menswear and working with Menswear boutiques in Atlanta to have an intimate look at the culture from the inside.

Illustration and Fashion are amazing ways to deeply connect with people. Working within the Menswear industry provides opportunity to understand the world through the eyes of the individual.

In Atlanta I met my gorgeous wife Ruth Meharg and we married in her home town in Texas.

After a while in Texas we spent some time in Michigan, Portugal, Croatia and Athens, Greece. Currently we address-less, living a nomadic life.

Everywhere people engage with the physical world in different ways. From the food we eat, to the way we prepare coffee, to the architecture of our cities and the clothes we wear.

I will continue to explore the world and examine the ways we interact with it and create it.

Contact me to find out more about my travels or to inquire about working together

Skype: sunflowerman.hero