Daily Fashion 196

I Was The Guy In Button Up Shirts And Blazers…

Story submitted by Steve Spencer

‘Men’s fashion is catching up with my style. I have always dressed different from the “in crowd”. In high school I was the guy in button up shirts and blazers mixed with denim jean I didn’t do whole suits at the time. I Eventually fell in love with Ralph Lauren polo shirts and earned the name “polo”.

I didn’t want to be known for wearing one brand, so I went back to button up shirts and blazers accessorized ties tie clips and the perfect pocket square. I’m pretty much obsessed with being a step ahead with attention to detail. I like high end fashion, but at the end of the day if you don’t have style all the money in the world and all the big name clothing lines won’t make you stand out… well at least not in the way you want.’

Daily Fashion Illustration Steve Spencer
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