Daily Fashion 264

Daily Fashion 264

'I have no choice but to know and understand the details of fashion...'

Submitted by Roshard Small
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'I come from a city in which style is limited, class is lacking, and what you see on tv is what you do in real life. My inspiration comes from the European tailored suits that fits you perfectly and nobody else. Being a model, a writer, and a stylist I have no choice but to know and understand the details of fashion. It's embedded in me.

Daily Fashion Illustration, Roshard Small

My first real introduction to fashion came around age 5, when I could actually understand things. My mother signed me up for a fashion show in which I modeled, things took off from there.

I can also say that my parents in general are a big inspiration with my love for fashion, both have a style that's unparalleled to others of their generation and they seem to update me on things more than I update them. It's kind of weird driving 200 miles to see them and the first thing they pull out is an article of clothing but that's just the connection we have as a family.'

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