Daily Fashion 233

‘I Was Into Art Long Before I Ever Knew What Fashion Was…’

Guest Fashion Illustrator Orch Eratli

Story submitted Jerry Ashlee
instagram @jerry_ashlee

‘My style hasn’t differed much from how I dressed myself in elementary school. I suppose the credit goes then to my mother and father for always being impeccably put together and setting the standard.

I was into art long before I ever knew what “fashion” was. I think I’m more an enthusiast of personal style and expression than I am interested in being a ‘fashionisto’. Mr. Rogers, Pee Wee Herman and Bill Cosby were big style Icons for me, not surprising I still have an affinity for sweaters and bow ties.'

 Orch Eratli Fashion Illustration for the Daily Fashion Project

Orch Eratli Fashion Illustration for the Daily Fashion Project

'Getting older I honed in on the importance of a good fit and distinguishing quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Once you gain a handle on prints, cuts, textiles and what colors work for you and you carefully curate a wardrobe you can be proud of. The rest just becomes good fun. ‘

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