Sometimes What We Wear On The Outside Covers Who We Are On The Inside

Daily Fashion Illustration 122. Tuesday, February 18. 2014

Style submitted by Jason Andrew. -instagram @jasn_andrw
'The way you carry yourself aesthetically in many ways dictates the manner in which people interact with you. I just wanted to change that discourse. I'm not attempting to be curt. By dressing like an adult you should want to be addressed as such. That's either with distinction or respect.

I don't dress up I've just grown up. In the early 2000's I was on the A-train going to college, where I was studying to be a Speech-Language Pathologist. Feeling real fresh, I was wearing my North Face puffer, throw back jersey, fitted with "Constructions" to match. I was standing beside an old lady who took notice of my outfit. She then clutched her purse a little tighter. To be honest, I couldn't blame her.

Sometimes what we wear on the outside, covers who we are on the inside. From that day onward I started to pay closer attention to my fashion and what it spoke of me to the world. Now, I use my style to be addressed in a manner that's more befitting to who I am.'

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