#SunflowermanGoesWest: Live at Stitched at The Cosmopolitan

#SunflowermanGoesWest: Live at Stitched at The Cosmopolitan

Painting menswear live at the Men's Fashion boutique Stitched at The Cosmopolitan in Vegas.

One of the great things about being a menswear illustrator is getting to live painting of men's fashion. As I journeyed for #SunflowermanGoesWest I made a stop in Vegas for just this sort of occasion. 

Stitched Life, Las Vegas

Ryan Beyer (follow him on instagram RBeyer90) was a great muse for the evening. You can see more of him in the video at the top of the post.

The event was in partnership with the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. I want to thank the team there for making it possible and for the entire team at Stitched for being amazing hosts.

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