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Reverse Engineer Hudson Shoes

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Reverse Engineer Hudson Shoes

I spent my weekend reverse engineering Hudson Shoes. Don't talk to me about the copious amounts of coffee or how I neglected my wife. The weight of my life is heavy enough.

It was my obsession, my addiction to understand how they make the shoe. The Hudson Shoe Chukkas.

Then I came upon it, the ingredients, the secret sauce, the Hudson Shoe magic.

Hudson Shoes painting by Sunflowerman

The secret is in the packaging. You can see it here. I found it!

Hudson Shoes Chukkas  painting

What I found was the Osbourne Drum Dye Tan Boot. Hidden in the packaging, from between the patterns it emerged. I would tell you how to do it yourself, but I cannot remember. The lack of sleep, the caffeinated stupor, the beautiful shoes, they distracted me.

Hudson Shoes painting
Hudson Shoes painting in hand

The only solace I can give is where to find them for yourself. East Dane has a wonderful selection. If that doesn't do you right then check out with express delivery for the holidays.

Hudson Shoes Chukkas
Hudson Shoes

If you made it through my babble then I offer you this. A chance to own the Hudson Shoes painting for yourself. I am asking $200. Shoot me an email at

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