Sunflowerman and

I met with George from and had a great time chatting with my Greek 'Fix' beer in hand. We got to know each other and in an hour we had come up with a collaboration. We met up with local fashion icon, Spyros - George shot, I sketched- and what came of it is beautiful.

While George and Spyros were interacting and doing their thing I was capturing as much of the movement and emotion as a I could. Spyros was so fast and decisive with his movements that it was difficult to keep up. I used the sketches from my book and combined them with George's photographs to create all of the fashion illustrations.

Spyros had a great frame with the jacket over his shoulders like a cape

I grabbed a sketch of George and Spyros examining a photo on the display screen of the camera

click on the image to see more of the photos at

click on the image to see more of the photos at

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